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Evolution Energy™ – Supply Procurement Strategies

Our Evolution Energy Procurement Division employs sophisticated strategies and best-in-class technical analysis to help our clients navigate the inherent complexities of utility supply (renewable or conventional) and the volatility of the energy markets. Our knowledge of how technical and fundamental factors affect the movement of energy prices is unparalleled and allows us to provide the best advice wholly consistent with each client’s risk tolerance.


How We Assist Our Clients:

  • Customized energy & utility procurement strategies: Creating plans that fit your organization’s energy objective, sustainability goals, consumption profile, and risk tolerance
  • Mitigate risks and manage costs for electricity, natural gas, propane, petroleum products
  • Transparent Request for Proposal (RFP) with the lowest fees in the industry
  • Assist in the development of fiscal energy budgets
  • Energy management processes to include data capture, audits, and processing

Evolution Energy Partners’ Straight-Forward Procurement Process

A Customized Approach

Evolution Energy Partners will review existing supply arrangements and the client’s energy management plan to develop a comprehensive RFP. Each pricing request is customized according to each client’s requirements.

  • Avoid contract overlaps and gaps through careful review of term language
  • Identify any limitations on contract length, payment terms, profile changes, etc.
Sustainable energy

Sustainable Energy

Organizations are increasingly incorporating green energy into their energy management plan. With that being said, it is important to understand that green energy is not a one size fits all product. Evolution Energy Partners helps clients select green energy products that best fit their objectives.

  • Green Energy Offsets: National or regional RECs incorporated into a traditional supply agreement
  • Localized Green Supply, PPA or VPPA: Physical green supply from off-site generation coupled with national or regional, or localized RECs
  • On-Site Renewable Generation: physical supply
  • Others: Charging Stations, On-Site Solar, Demand Response

In addition to finding opportunities for energy savings, partnering with our procurement team adds an extra layer of assurance through our energy risk management services.

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