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Albright College Expands Commitment to Sustainability with EEP

Albright College and Evolution Energy Partners (EEP) announce a partnership that will enable Albright College to build on a commitment to sustainability and energy conservation. Phase 1 of the partnership will include a campus-wide LED lighting upgrade. The lighting upgrade will improve light levels to enhance productivity and safety while significantly reducing Albright’s energy costs and increasing environmental sustainability.

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Albright College

Understanding Utility Incentive Programs

Utility incentive programs have come a long way in the past few years. With efficiency standards rising each year, incentive programs now focus on complex and comprehensive "whole-building" approaches to maximize efficiency. Although the complexity of high incentive utility programs may seem daunting to organizations, the payback is worth the effort. Here are few key items to keep in mind when building a custom program.

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Utility Incentive Programs

New York City’s Renewable Energy Plan

In 2020, New York City Mayor, Bill De Blasio, addressed his goal of tackling climate change by initiating a new green energy plan. As part of the plan, the mayor introduced specific renewable energy goals for the city. What are these goals and what is the plan for residents?

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new york city

Tracy Miller Joins Evolution Energy Team

Evolution Energy Partners (EEP) is pleased to announce and welcome Tracy Miller as Administrative Assistant. Tracy will be responsible for supporting our procurement and engineering teams with the customer onboarding process, customer support services, and project invoicing.

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Tracy Miller joins Evolution Energy Partners

Increasing Sustainability with Integrated Project Design

Improving efficiency should be a top priority for organizations looking to reduce costs and reach their sustainability goals. There are several strategies and methodologies for streamlining production and eliminating waste in fields like manufacturing and construction. Can those tactics be applied to improving energy efficiency and sustainability as well? Here’s how integrated project design can help the environment by creating more sustainable buildings for less money.

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Integrated project design

All About the 2030 Districts Network

Climate change is a real threat that grows closer every day. There are several organizations putting plans in place to mitigate the effects of climate change and improve our environment in the coming years. One such organization is the 2030 Districts Network.

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Cincinnati 2030 districts