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Evolution Energy™ – Energy Data Management

Analytics to Help Make Decisions and Track Results

An important aspect of energy management is being able to compile and analyze your cost and use data. This data will give you clear insight into your organization’s utility usage and find ways to identify opportunities to improve your energy efficiency.

Evolution Energy Partners data analysis tools assist clients in the following areas:

  • Reporting
    • Multi-level, customized views into your energy spend and usage trends allow for ease in making critical energy decisions.
  • Utility Bill Auditing
    • Identify billing anomalies caused by meter issues, missing invoices or usage, and cost changes. Ensures correct contract rates
      are applied.
  • Budgeting
    • Using forward price curves. contracted pricing, and weather normalization, we assist clients in developing fiscal budgets and
      longer-term budget projections.
  • Utility Tariff Analysis
    • Review utility invoices to ensure proper tariff rates are used, identify base demand and savings opportunities.
  • Benchmarking
    • A crucial tool utilized to gain insight into how efficiently your facility is operating, especially in relation to other similar facilities. This process is now becoming mandatory in many areas of the country.
Customized Reporting

Customized Reporting

Evolution Energy Partners utilizes Goby Energy Management Software to monitor performance trends, goals, and benchmarks.

The benefits of the Goby platform include:

  • Centralized bills on one cloud-based platform
  • Automated utility bill capture process
  • Avoid late fees with push notifications and alerts
  • Identify billing errors with target reporting
  • Improve resource consumption with advanced analytics
  • Streamline collaborations with customized workflows

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ESG Solutions Powered by Goby

Goby reporting data can help you make a business case for sustainability initiatives throughout your organization. The data platform can combine your utility data to streamline benchmarking and certifications across your portfolio.

Sustainability reporting can allow you to:

  • Increase overall asset value and improve investor perception
  • Ensure all reporting and compliance requirements are met
  • Establish market leadership and benchmark against peers
  • Reduce time spent capturing, analyzing, and reporting sustainability data
  • Track year-to-year portfolio improvement and performance

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