March 31, 2016

Energy Management

Energy Management

Energy management is not a limited interaction service. Continual monitoring of the energy markets is crucial to determining the best time to execute supply agreements. Purchases should be timed based on market conditions, not when your agreements expire. Energy usage also needs to be constantly reviewed and monitored, looking for anomalies and ways to improve efficiency.

Energy Management Services

Utility Bill Auditing

Ensures that contract prices are correctly involved.

Identifies billing anomalies caused by meter issues or supplier issues.


Using forward price curves and contracting pricing, we assist clients in developing fiscal budgets and longer term budget projections.


A crucial tool utilized to gain insight into how efficiently your facility is operating, especially in relation to other similar facilities.

This process is now becoming mandatory in many areas of the country.

Utility Tariff Analysis

Review utility and invoices to ensure proper tariff rates are used, identify base demand and savings opportunities.

Risk Management

Thorough analysis of technical and fundamental market dynamics, in addition to client budgetary and risk guidelines, EEP will assist each client in managing the inherent risks and expectations in operating within the deregulated energy markets.

EEP’s Hybrid Approach

Evolution Energy Partners Unique hybrid approach that encompasses both supply side and demand side energy savings and spend reduction

Utility Data Analysis (EnergyCap Software)

Tracks and analyzes utility consumption and expenses

Ongoing identification of billing errors or consumption anomalies

Identify saving opportunities through demand management

Customizable for single facility or your entire portfolio

Online platform for easy access anywhere

Minimal staff involvement and no data entry

To learn more about the EnergyCAP software and explore several of the most powerful features and reports available, watch this 20 minute recorded demo.