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Efficiency & Project Financing

Energy Efficiency and Project Financing

A large part of analyzing the best solution for a client’s energy needs involves both solving the problem as economically as possible, but also seeing if there are solutions that may have additional ancillary benefits. This process accelerates the payback and increases the project’s ROI, thus increasing the likelihood of the project moving forward. In addition, part of finding the best solution is also finding the best way to fund the project. With many projects, EEP will assist with finding grants to reduce the cost of the project or will finance(directly or through a third-party) a portion of the project cost or the total cost of the project.

  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP/Cogen) – Increased efficiency and reliability through onsite generation.
  • Lighting Upgrades – With the price of LED systems dropping substantially and significant grants frequently available, clients can improve lighting quality while realizing a return on investment.
  • HVAC Upgrades or Replacements
  • Solar/PV