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Improve Your Bottom Line

by Saving on Energy Costs


We help make your company more sustainable while saving money. Through efficiency, energy management, and procurement initiatives, we help our clients impact the bottom line.


Reduce your company’s annual consumption and total energy budget. Identify opportunities to develop lighting, HVAC system upgrades, CHP and solar projects. Projects can be financed through grants, rebates, loans or combined with energy supply contracts and paid via utility bills (off-balance sheet).

Energy Management

Our online platform automatically tracks and analyzes utility consumption, bills, and expenses for your company helping to identify billing errors, consumption anomalies, and savings opportunities.


Customized energy procurement strategies based on your energy objective, consumption profile and risk tolerance. Mitigate risks and manage costs for electricity, natural gas, propane and petroleum products. Transparent RFPs with some of the lowest fees in the industry.

our mission

Evolution Energy Partners is A full-service energy management, engineering, and consulting firm offering best-in-class sustainability, energy efficiency, procurement, and analytical solutions.

Our mission is simple…. “to advise, design, procure and build solutions that provide measured value to our client’s sustainable footprint through effective energy management and increased efficiency while maximizing savings to the organization.”

Evolution Energy Partners customers enjoy a positive impact on the bottom line by leveraging a comprehensive suite of services that mitigate risk, enhance stakeholder value, and provide a foundation to increase corporate citizenship and sustainable practices.


“Our Company has worked with Evolution Energy Partners for over a decade. We have depended on them as a true partner and resource for all types of energy issues, from supply strategy to demand response solutions and energy efficiency projects. I would wholeheartedly recommend Evolution Energy Partners to anyone that wants to really develop a complete energy management strategy.”
Brett B., Accounting Manager, Agriculture


“We have worked with Chuck and his team for close to 10 years and have incorporated their energy supply and efficiency solutions across our portfolio of hotels. They have been a great partner and advocate for us. While their solutions have been truly impactful for our properties, their responsiveness in addressing any issues that have arisen has really allowed us to concentrate on running our business instead of putting out fires. We look forward to continuing our mutually beneficial relationship with Evolution Energy Partners for years to come.”
Stephen F., President – Hospitality


“The team has been both professional and thorough. Not only are there cost-savings but everyone is commenting on the updated aesthetics. Additionally, the LED lighting has created a safer work environment for our employees.”
SVP, Manufacturing, Herr Food’s Inc.


“I have worked with the Evolution team for over a decade and benefited greatly from their insights into the energy markets. Their ongoing advice for energy procurement has allowed us to enjoy budget certainty while keeping our operating costs as low as possible in a very competitive industry. They have played a critical role in our supply chain and I would wholeheartedly endorse their services for any manufacturer looking to enhance their energy management program.”
Mark R., Director of US Facilities – Pharmaceutical Industry


“I have had the pleasure of working with Chuck and the Evolution Energy team for approximately 20 years. They have assisted our hospitals with all facets of our energy supply needs involving natural gas, electricity, and fuel oil. Their services have included essential services such as scheduling oil deliveries to more sophisticated services such as developing hedging strategies, budget forecasting, and identifying fuel oil/natural gas arbitrage opportunities. These services have allowed our hospitals to save hundreds of thousands of dollars.”
Brian C., Vice President – Hospital Sector