Reap Savings with Energy Data Management & Utility Bill Auditing

Often, an organization’s energy data is not all in one place or in a consistent format.  Scattered data that’s in many formats can make it hard for you to review and analyze your data, check to see if you’re being overcharged for energy, or launch energy-saving projects. These inconsistencies can hurt your bottom line or[…]

3 Innovative Financing Options That Can Launch Your Clean Energy Projects

For business owners, cash constraints can kill projects that would otherwise provide cost savings and environmental benefit via renewable energy and energy efficiency. That means that–due to the need for capital preservation or other competing capital needs–businesses don’t move on projects that could otherwise cut energy costs, reduce their carbon footprints, and reap public-relations advantages.[…]

Press Release: New Hire, Andrew Bakey

Evolution Energy Partners is pleased to announce and welcome Andrew Bakey as Vice President of Business Development.  Andy will be responsible for the leadership of the Evolution Energy Partners sales team, developing new business opportunities and creating customized solutions to meet customer’s energy needs. Andrew has over 31 years of experience in the energy industry.  He is[…]

Onsite Energy Can Keep the Lights On and Green Your Company

For companies with high fuel costs, or for those whose operations demand reliable power, onsite energy can provide numerous benefits, including decreased fuel costs, cleaner energy, reliability, lower carbon footprints and public relations advantages. The industries that take advantage of onsite energy include healthcare, technology, data centers, real estate, manufacturing, food and beverage and banking—to[…]

How State-of-The Art Lighting Systems Can Boost Productivity and Yield Triple Benefits

Working beneath the wrong types of lighting systems can be a productivity killer for workers. Workers complain most frequently about flickering lights, lack of focused light and their inability to control brightness. In addition, they say their moods are affected by unnatural color temperatures. It’s easy to imagine how such conditions might make it difficult[…]